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Developing information and space technology and increasing spatial data acquisition / analysis capacity makes it possible and effective to meet the needs of multi-parameter problems related to location and time in Engineering, Science and Social sciences. At this point, global warming, flood, earthquake, fire, volcano eruptions, typhoons, etc. to identify natural disasters, causes / effects / results to determine; vegetation, soil class, soil permeability, etc. determination of physical and geological characteristics of the earth; exploration of natural resources; maintaining ecological balance; inspection of archaeological and cultural structures; will be able to gather information from different disciplines, national / international faculty members, researchers and students in an integrated perspective to produce local, regional and global spatial / temporal analysis problems such as increasing the effectiveness of urban / rural management activities / elements. Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing Application and Research Center was established by publishing in the official newspaper numbered 28666 dated 3 June 2013.