Amphipic Drone

Water Takeoff and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Amphibious Capable Designed Original (A-İhe) Investigation of the coast with Turkey The project includes the production of amphibious unmanned aerial vehicles (A-IHA), which can collect scientific data from the air, film and measure water, and process the data obtained with this instrument. Project results will be available in all areas where satellite photographs are used. However, it can also be utilized to eliminate the disadvantages of satellite photographs. At the beginning of these disadvantages, satellite photos cannot be taken at any time, in case the area to be photographed is cloudy, pictures cannot be taken, and high resolution pictures with different wavelengths are expensive. The results can be used in a wide range of fields from scientific researches, agricultural sector, mining, geology, urban planning, geographic information system companies to universities, governorships and municipalities in the public sector. The A-UAV wings are in a form that can be removed and replaced with pallets, thus transforming into a catamaran running in water. With this model, it is thought to be used easily in scientific researches. The use of this catamaran in coastal surveys will both provide great convenience and allow scientific research to be realized at a cheaper cost.