KaraGÖZ Project

Within the scope of the study, all the processes, processes and conditions related to all kinds of maintenance, repair, control and inspection works carried out by the Maintenance and Repair Branches of the General Directorate of Highways will be controlled and controlled. All kinds of units / institutions related to highways that can provide access to all kinds of location, time and feature information in 3-D digital environment, can generate complex spatial and temporal visual and table queries, can be accessed by users of various privilege levels, can make queries, generate reports and maps in online / offline environment. The high-functionality and visuality that can be used by a highways maintenance and repair information system framework model is being developed.
The study is expected to be among the pioneers in our country and in the world as it can be used in management and executive studies in the related field and can directly shape the administrative operation and implementation. The study is carried out under three headings. one)
1) Geographical information system and spatial / property database studies.
2) Highway observation vehicle (KaraGÖZ) measurement and computer systems.
3) Data processing / broadcast station