Smart CanMELEK Project

The disappearance of mentally disabled individuals, an important social problem that constantly maintains its place on the public agenda, is followed by kidnapping, ransom, assault, extortion, abuse, rape, etc. to be exposed to the negativity and thus the social problems they are exposed to, and to be able to eliminate the social inequality to some extent, to intervene in the negativities that may arise as a result of their disadvantages and to create a precedent throughout the country by creating social awareness on this issue and to create a precedent across the country. It will be developed.  Within the scope of this project named as Can Smart Can Melek bil, wristbands will be developed to enable location tracking, providing voice and data communication to individuals with intellectual disabilities, and to secure secure spatial zones and to control the movements that will take place outside these zones. It is aimed to develop a model that can be implemented within the country by developing with the Information System. With this mechanism established for Muğla province, it will be possible to provide immediate and on-site assistance to mentally disabled individuals when necessary. The success to be achieved here will make it possible to raise public awareness of the mentally disabled. It is aimed to disseminate this project as an exemplary model both nationally and internationally.